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The traditional approach to enterprise security involves sharing of threat data and manual coordination between teams relying on email, spreadsheets, ticketing systems, etc.

This approach results in a slow and reactionary response to the security incidents as the analysts lack relevant information. With security threats and breach methods evolving rapidly, security intelligence needs to be built-in by design, security data & insights need to be collected & analyzed in real-time and automated to accelerate breach detection in IT systems and functions.

TEQT iDART Threat Intelligence services help in the Intelligent Detection & Response of Threats. The iDART Threat Intelligence platform entails evidence-based knowledge for the search of indicators of compromise (IOCs) including context, mechanisms, implications, and action-oriented advice about an existing or emerging IT threat to customer environments.

iDART provides actionable threat intelligence to our analysts to enable them in implementing measures to proactively protect the customer IT environment.

The features of iDART platform include:
  • Automated consumption of internal & external threat intelligence and refine as necessary
  • Monitor and Investigate the Dark Web
  • Behavioral profiling for users & systems
  • DB searches and statistical modelling
  • Search for unknown potential threats
  • Analyze threats and adversaries

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