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In a technology-driven world, every organization regardless of its size is trying to keep up with the frequent and evolving cybersecurity threats.

With the breach in cybercrime becoming easier, detection of threats taking too long, response times affecting businesses, and lack of cyber skills, it has become imperative for organizations to use advanced techniques to proactively detect and respond to these threats to keep their environment safe.

TEQT addresses these challenges for the customers through the integrated Security Incident Management Platform - “SIMP” to deliver Next-Gen SOC capabilities.

SIMP Integrates security solutions to achieve a cohesive security environment, leverage current investment and optimises data sources while providing real-time preventive and detective response capabilities to increase productivity & effectiveness of IT Security.

TEQT Next-Gen Security Operations helps in SIMPlifying IT Security through our integrated platform as below:

Features of SIMP include the following:
  • Alert handling powered by AI and machine learning:Up to 32% reduction in L2/L3 effort through auto-remediation & smart automation.
  • Orchestration library-based remediation:Verticalized use cases - 208 scenarios, 40 customizable. Automation and Orchestrations for reduced response time
  • Scalable service:combined with low operations and maintenance cost
  • Cross-functional architecture:everaging existing investments to integrate with diverse data sources.

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