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Brings a shift from user interface tests to multi-layered automated tests pyramid and lifecycle automation across the delivery pipeline, to enable 10x more frequent releases and 20x faster build creation with 90% lower failures due to build changes. We enable early automation in sprints, to fail fast and accelerate quality by learning faster. Our best-in-class automation engineering service is characterized by:

  • Shift left, shift right and spherical shifting techniques, to look for quality opportunities across and beyond SDLC
  • New and emerging technologies, and process knowhow to enable continuous testing in large Agile and DevOps programmes
  • 360 Degree feedback mechanism, to monitor and analyze production data and feed it back to quality engineering process
  • Blend internal IP/accelerators with external solutions to optimize testing and increase code coverage
  • Build a culture of quality and enhance quality accountability
  • Embed AI/ML in quality engineering lifecycle automation

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