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Key Issues

Quality check forms an essential part of content development. Quality checking involves determining whether the content correct and original and its coverage is appropriate for the purpose.

Most of the time, quality check doesn’t require hard work; it requires smart work. Appropriate subject expertise and experience makes a quality checker smart. Finding smart quality checkers proves challenging even for companies providing content quality checking services constantly on the lookout for smart quality checkers. Then, unless it is your profession to hunt for good quality checkers, you can appreciate how difficult it would be for you to find someone to winnow your content and identify weak areas to improve. Moreover, not every quality checker is equipped with what it takes to satisfy the requirements of any clients they may work for. For this reason, you may need the service of a company that provides quality checking services. Such a company has a team of quality checkers with expertise and experience in diverse fields.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

An optimum content quality checking service provider, Acadecraft has a team of quality analysts best in the industry. They examine text for both content correctness and coverage against client curriculms and syllabuses, identify risk areas, rectify them, and prove constructive feedback wherever appropriate. Working closely with our in-house team of assessment and content writers lends our QAs an extra edge. And all this happens in a quick turnaround.

Quality Check Services We Offer

We follow guidelines and procedures mandated by educational authorities when checking content quality. Some of our quality check services are summarized below.

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Professional Proofreading Services

Our professional proofreading services involve fixing grammatical and punctuation errors, identifying and correcting obvious subject matter errors, and spotting and resolving style inconsistencies. The basic purpose of our proofreading service is to polish your document to make it finished and sharable or publishable.

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Fact Checking

Our fact-checking service involves checking your content against the established body of knowledge and emerging studies in the relevant field to spot anything inaccurate or wrong, if any, and fix it. If your content requires an update, we point out the suggested areas to help you work on it for further development. Our service ensures your content is free of factual and conceptual errors.

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E-book Testing

Being the best content quality checker online, Acadecraft provides e-book testing services. We test content for layout and compatibility. We have an in-house team of skillful analysts, researchers, and QA auditors making necessary modifications to make content correct, appropriate, and user-friendly. We make sure that the pages of your e-books hold true information and display themselves well on multiple devices.

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Rights and Permission

We provide rights and permissions services to our publishing companies. Our skilled legal professionals handle both text and representation permissions. They perform rigorous research and offer the right consultation concerning the content. We ensure obtaining and administering consents. Our editorial team improves the text making it devoid of any copyright tag. We employ the most up-to-date rights management system to offer the best solutions.

Our K–12 Clients

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We believe in staying updated on the latest trends in education and so we have a tight grasp over e-learning solutions. We are familiar with the latest tools and digital platforms to ensure quality. Being an assessment company, we aim to create an optimum e-learning experience across diverse audience.

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K–12 Schools

We provide quality check services to K–12 schools in the USA, the UK, Australia, the UAE, Singapore, and India

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Besides developing and improving K–12 content, we also work for several of the leading publishing organizations on the planet and publish our own content. Our broad knowledge base and extensive experience earn us the place of the most preferred service providers to take recourse to when it matters to get your publication polished.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that students learn subject matter clearly both extensively and intensively.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and then identify the areas of development. We then document the required efforts and design the template/blueprint accordingly before developing the content. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for information accuracy and linguistic correctness.

In brief, our process can be said to have six steps: understanding, identifying, documenting, designing, developing, and assessing.

Our Other Services

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