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Acadecraft is a global leader in providing test-prep content for all major assessments, including Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).
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About PISA: Key Issues in Preparation

PISA is one of the most important assessments for 15-year-old students towards the end of their schooling. The main purpose of the assessment is to determine how much they have learned. It principally includes three subjects—Mathematics, Science, and English (reading skills).

PISA International Assessment is different from other exams, because, while other exams primarily focus on rote learning, PISA focuses on how learners apply their skills. Most of the questions are application-based and, therefore, learners often need to practice similar types of questions extensively.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

At Acadecraft, we have developed a highly efficient core team of PISA experts, who have experience of at least five years in developing PISA test prep content. Their expertise, coupled with our stringent quality-check measures, ensures that our clients get highly potent PISA Sample Questions and Test Prep materials for their learners.

We follow the latest guidelines of the PISA Assessment Framework, which enables us to successfully deliver content that changes learners’ destiny all the time! With our PISA Test Prep Content, the clients can see significant improvement in their learners. It can, thus, be said that it is not just content that we provide, we also provide credibility and assurance of the desired results.

We cover all the three subjects of the PISA exam—Mathematics, Science, and English. We also focus on customizing the content for individual clients to meet all their PISA content development needs. When needed, we translate the test prep content in 99+ global languages, and offer 24x7 client support, on-time delivery, and accuracy guarantee. That is why, when it comes to assessment development for PISA, clients trust only Acadecraft!

Types of PISA Content Development Services

Catering to diverse client needs, we offer a range of PISA content & assessment development services.

PISA for Development Assessment
PISA Science Test Prep Content

We develop highly experiment-oriented science test prep content for PISA preparation. Our content helps clients’ learners in developing experiment-based problem solving skills. They need to go through the experiment given, understand the scenario, and then predict the results.

PISA for Development
PISA Math Test Prep Content

Our experienced test prep experts go through the sample questions released by the OECD and develop relevant mathematics PISA test prep content. We provide step-by-step solutions for the questions too in such a way that clients’ learners understand the solving process easily.

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PISA Reading and English Content

Our PISA reading and English test prep content focuses on testing the understanding and comprehension skills of learners. They get trained to read and understand difficult paragraphs and answer the given questions within a very short time.

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PISA Sample Question Paper

We develop full-length PISA sample papers with all the three sections - Science, Math, English. The clients can get the sample papers as a PDF file, which their learners can use for offline practice. In addition, our clients can avail themselves of our online test window to conduct time-based assessments online.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have provided services to many reputed educational institutes and e-learning companies.

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Educational Institutes

Educational institutes can benefit from our PISA content development services to prepare their learners.

PISA content development in USA

E-Learning Companies

E-learning companies benefit from our customized PISA assessment content development services for online tutorials, online assessments, and other purposes.

PISA for Development Assessment
PISA for Development in USA

Tuition Centers

Tuition centers can test the efficiency and improvement of their learners using our PISA sample questions for all subjects.

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How We Work

At Acadecraft, we believe in understanding our clients and delivering highly customized content. So, for PISA content development projects, we first discuss with our clients’ goals, motives, and requirements. Our experts, then, conduct a thorough research on the latest exam trends and develop the content. The developed content is, then, checked by our QC team for relevance, accuracy, grammatical correctness, and linguistic appropriateness. We deliver the content to our clients only when we are 100% satisfied with its quality. Contact us to know more!

Our Other Services

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