Artificial Intelligence

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TEQTS Quasar – AI platform designed to build Enterprise AI capabilities

AI with its cognitive and generative capabilities, possesses the remarkable ability to revolutionize every facet of an organization – customer service, operations, research, sales & marketing, finance, human resources. The potential it offers is boundless, compelling every organization to harness its power. However, many are uncertain about where to begin this transformative journey. Introducing TEQTS Quasar, an exceptional AI Platform designed to build Enterprise AI capabilities. With Quasar, organizations can seamlessly develop and deploy AI-powered applications on a large scale. Its arsenal includes a comprehensive set of 100+ APIs, readily available for integration. Featuring a modular and scalable architecture, Quasar boasts an impressive array of 100+ pre-built cognitive and generative use cases, facilitating the creation of out-of-the-box solutions. The platform operates on a fully governed framework, incorporating Process Governance, API Governance, and Model Governance (MLOps) within its foundation. Enterprises can choose a cloud-based setup or an on-premises set-up with enhanced security and controls. Embrace TEQTS Quasar, and unlock the full potential of AI to revolutionize your organization.

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