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Delivering the Exact Information for Fake News, Viral Stories, and Rumors To Increase Knowledge.

We are a leading company providing fast, correct online fact-checking services to our valued business partners.
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Key Issues

There is an extreme possibility of fake rumors and news regarding several topics in the current social media scenario. Every person is addicted to social media, and they easily believe in the stories, viral content, and events published on several social media platforms. Many organizations and news agencies from several industry sectors look for exact online fact-checking services for the exact facts and news behind rumors.

Online fact-checking services help clients get a clear picture of the fake news and videos, to understand the right intention to spread over the Internet and other political agendas.

How can Acadecraft help?

We are a leading company across several countries, providing online fact-checking services with accuracy. Whether it's political, academic, scientific research, medicine, or any other fields like automotive, food, entertainment, consumer, etc., we got everything covered. Our SMEs stay updated in every area with the latest developments and news in their specific domains, including deception and confusion. Our primary objective is to apply the best approach for every field and deliver factual accuracy that increases public knowledge and understanding.

At Acadecraft, we ensure that we deliver the best online fact-checking services that help Internet users and readers about fake news, rumors, disinformation, promotional offers, warnings, requests for help, myths, and virus warnings, that are advertised by email, social media, or any other online source.

Our Clients

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Educational Institutions

Acadecraft assists educational institutions with exact, factual online fact-checking services by our expert SMEs.

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We are trusted partners of several international business organizations for accurate online fact-checking services. Our checkers' team performs extensive research process to deliver correct business information for fake viral content, rumors, and social media posts.

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Acadecraft delivers online fact-checking services to the e-learning industry. Our client-centric approach helps our experts to provide exact information for our clients' queries.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, we aim to deliver accurate online fact-checking services for our reputed worldwide clients with the same dedication and work accuracy level. To fulfill our commitment, we follow a strict and committed workflow: Our process includes the following steps:

• Collaboration

• Information gathering for Project

• Project Execution

• Online Fact-Checking Solutions

• Quality Assurance

• Final delivery

Our Other Services

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