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Key Issues

Content developers of subjects other than English are prone to make language and spelling errors. Human language is such that even a small error can ruin a sentence or a paragraph. Therefore, it is especially essential for all educational publications, whether in print or on screen, to be assessed by a professional editor before they are delivered to the client or made available to learners.

However, it is not so a straightforward process to find right editors with all necessary knowledge and experience. Besides this, it is also important that the editors provide constructive feedback to the writers to enhance product quality and reduce errors in the future. It is tough to find an efficient K–12 academic content editing service.

How Can Acadecraft Help?

Acadecraft has a team of highly skilled and experienced editors who understand the importance of their role in the service delivery process. Equipped with knowledge of diverse fields and an eye for details, our editors turn ordinary material into extraordinary conent. They also provide constructive feedback in the areas of concept, grammar, language, structure, and style, which is emmensely helpful to client writers in their future work.

Types of Editing Services

Acadecraft provides various types of editing services.

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Substantive Editing

Substantive editing examines and improves the overall structure, content, flow, and presentation of a document. Our substantive editors read documents closely and ensure they make sense, the arguments don’t have obvious holes, and they read well. Our editors point out missing details, missing links, and make or suggest changes to the language, style, structure, and content. Substantive editing does not change the argument of the document; it improves the argument. When the document requires major substantive changes, our editors leave comments for the writers or clients to consider in further developing the content. You don’t have to accept all the changes or suggestions if you don’t like them, but our substantive editors are experts of the subjects they work on and they have a deep understanding of the material and the specialized language used, so it is recommended that you consider the changes and the suggestions even if you don’t like them.

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Copy Editing

Copy editing makes your writing better. Our copy editors fix all grammatical and linguistic errors and make the content clear, consistent, and accurate. They exchange passive voice for active voice and vice versa, and shortening or lengthening sentences for clarity. Our editors maintain the same tone throughout your document and make it appropriate for the target audience. For example, if you develop content for a specific target audience, our editors will check the content coverage, language, and presentation for appropriateness, and highlight any problem they find in the content, which may be covering information more or less than required, presenting the material in a way the reader finds it difficult or quite beneath them, or lacking in clarity in the use of technical or specialized terms. If we find something wrong in your document and if fixing that entails making a substantial amount of change or likes beyond the scope of copy editing, we make suggestions to help you revise the problem parts of your document.

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Proofreading services at Acadcraft involves examining your text carefully to correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. We identify and fix formatting issues and inconsistencies in the text too. Since proofreading happens at the last stage of a document’s development, we make sure your document is polished impeccably and it is ready for printing or sharing. Our clients deserve the best services achievable, and we provide them what they deserve.

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Semantic Analysis

Semantic analysts at Acadecraft focus on syntactic structures of phrases, clauses, and sentences, and examine paragraphs for their meanings. They examine the text to determine whether it conveys the intended meaning, and if there is any gap between the intended meaning and what the text says, our semantic analysts fix the problem.

Our K–12 Clients

We are one of the best all-round copyediting service providers in the industry. We deliver the best academic copyediting services to clients from reputed enterprises, schools, colleges, and universities. As an organization, we have experience of over ten years while our talents have lifelong experience in their respective fields. Our work spans the full spectrum of the academic content industry.

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We believe in staying updated on the latest trends in education and so we have a tight grasp over e-learning solutions. We are familiar with the latest tools and digital platforms for the development of the best possible educational content. We aim to create an optimum e-learning experience across diverse audience.

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Acadecraft has been developing educational content for a number of illustrious clients who are the face of the global publishing industry. By constantly satisfying such clients, we have carved a niche for ourselves as one of the best providers of K–12 content development services online.

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Business, Media (Magazines and Journals)

While our primary domain of work is K–12 content, we also edit business and media content. We work with several reputed business and academic magazines and journals.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that students learn subject matter clearly both extensively and intensively.

We first understand the requirements of our clients and then identify the areas of development. We then document the required efforts and design the template/blueprint accordingly before developing the content. Finally, our quality analysts and editors assess the content for information accuracy and linguistic correctness.

In brief, our process can be said to have six steps: understanding, identifying, documenting, designing, developing, and assessing.

Our Other Services

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