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Services We Deliver we provide truly prominent IT solutions.

Business Process Solutions

Business process solutions and digital platforms to help you improve customer experience, grow your business, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

SAP Services

TEQTS is driving the next generation of SAP cloud solutions to define and deliver digital transformation for your SAP landscape.

Data and Analytics

AI, Data & Insights is our all-encompassing paradigm to help you achieve your goal of tangible and intangible business outcomes through data.


We partner with you in building a robust digital backbone, intelligent operations, and an intelligent connected experience.

Quality Engineering Services

Market transformations are reshaping every industry and enterprise – requiring invention, innovation, and optimization across digital and legacy alike. End-to-end quality must keep up with the new, while still adapting to the old.

Cloud and Infrastructure Management

We combine domain and technology with engineering practices to help you understand, measure, rethink, redefine, and evolve.

Digital Process Automation

Leveraging technology to automate, instrument, coordinate, and optimize activities at the outside edges of organizations.

Artificial Intelligence

TEQTS Quasar is a simple to use AI Platform that enables organizations to develop and deploy Cognitive powered Digital Applications at scale.

Salesforce Ecosystem

Business Unit comes with a strong heritage. We help companies to digitally transform, create new experiences and accelerate their growth.


Metaverse promises to transform the way we work, live and interact by offering new, immersive ways to interact, collaborate and transact.


CyberSecurity services help customers defend against cyberattacks with proactive, industry-specific threat intelligence.

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